Want to Tryout?

Prospective Players

If you are a player who is interested in attending the try-outs or being recruited by our coaching staff, please follow the link below to the appropriate form, which will be sent to the coaching staff.


If you are a coach who would like to have a player considered, please use the same form AND feel free to email the coaches directly with any pertinent information.

The form is important as the email address you provide on it will be used to keep you up to date on all developments with the Otters and trying out for the squad. We look forward to seeing everyone at the tryouts.

Form for Prospective Players

The prospective players tryout will be held on January 20th, February 10th and March 10th at Kermit-Tipton Stadium. After the form is completed and paid, a confirmation will be sent to Coach Strickland. Once he confirms the registration, he will send an email to the email provided with the schedule and what to expect at the tryouts. The prospective players tryout will be limited to the first 64 submitted and paid athletes.

Invite Only 2018 Otters

Players given an invite key, please follow the form and submit the form adequately. The form will be sent to Coach Strickland, and he will contact the player back with the email provided.

Good luck to all players!