#TattooTuesday: Tyler Pavlet

This week we will profile the tattoos of goalkeeper Tyler Pavlet. Pavlet graduated from Lees-McRae in the winter and spent time with the USL’s Phoenix Rising before joining the Otters for the summer season.  He has made four appearances this season, allowing just four goals. He also is tied for the most wins in Otters history and currently holds the best save percentage and goals against average for a season.

Like many of our previous players, his tattoos pay tribute to his family. His first tattoo is for his grandmother. The letters make a “PK”, which are the initials of his grandmother, Phyllis Koppleman. He settled on that design because she was an artist and that is similar to the signature she used on her pieces.

The “XXIV” are roman numerals for the number 24, which has several significant meanings to his family. First, it is his grandmother’s birthday. It is also the date of Pavlet’s parents’ anniversary.

The location over his heart was chosen because his grandmother was one of the most loving people he knew. She cared for everyone, so he chose the place over his heart to symbolize how loving she was.

Pavlet’s other tattoo commemorates his grandfather and his sense of humor. The phrase is in Czech (his grandfather’s heritage) and translates to “Glad you got to see me” which is what his grandfather would say whenever they visited and were leaving.

He chose to put it on his right bicep because his grandfather was one of the most stubborn and strong-willed people he had ever met. The bicep symbolizes strength, so that was the logical location for the tattoo.

In the near future, Pavlet is planning to get a 3/4 sleeve on his left arm. He grew up in Arizona, so he plans for it to be Arizona-themed.

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